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Accessories/Other Products

Rhino Shield® offers a variety of high performance, water sealing and preparatory products to assist in the performance of our coating systems. Products listed are compatible with most Rhino Shield® coatings.

SEAM TAPE: Preparatory item for flat roof applications. 100 ft. roll of polyester seam tape used to seal existing seams and infusions. Available in a variety of widths.

RHINO PATCH: Wall patching compound used on wood or small masonry repairs. Rhino Patch is tinted to a natural hue that blends into most woods easily. Packaged in 1 gallon buckets for ease of use.

FPC: Smooth, acrylic patching compound for roofs and walls. Flexible Patching Caulk is a trowel-grade, white elastomeric, waterproofing caulk and sealant. Ideal for use on roofs.

STUKKOPATCH: Ideal for use on masonry or walls. Available in sand or course finish to ensure optimal blending with a variety of substrates. Stukko Patch is a trowel-grade, white, elastomeric waterproofing caulk and sealant.

SUPERIOR BOND PRIMER: Superior adhesion for difficult surfaces. Offers bonding and adhesion to PVC and fiberglass surfaces.

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