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As a certified Rhino Shield dealer serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin Coating Professionals, Inc takes exterior painting to the next level. Unlike standard acrylic or latex paints, which are thin and wear easily, Rhino Shield coatings are high-quality ceramic-based elastomeric formulas that dry thicker than traditional paint, are incredibly resistant to weathering, are insulating and solar reflective, and lock in color and brightness for the long run.

Our experienced exterior painting pros are trained in the proper application of Rhino Sheild products, giving your Milwaukee home or business a picture-perfect coating. When properly applied by Rhino Shield dealers, our ceramic coatings will help preserve your property's beauty and durability in the long run!

Experience a cut above what a traditional exterior painting company can offer, and discover the Rhino Shield difference for yourself. If you're interested in our exterior painting services, give Wisconsin Coating Professionals, Inc a call today at 262-327-6261 or use our online form to request a free estimate!

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Residential Ceramic Coatings

Want to perfect your property, protect its exterior health, and add value to your home? Our ceramic coatings boast a level of durability far beyond that of normal exterior paint. With over 1,500 colors to choose from, there's no end to the possibilities!

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Commercial Ceramic Coatings

Your business building deserves something that will boost its curb appeal and durability. Our commercial ceramic coatings are built to last and can help simplify maintenance for your business property.

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Super Shield Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Your roof can be compromised by moisture damage, mold growth, and other issues resulting from constant exposure to the elements. Our Super Shield elastomeric roof coatings form a thick, flexible, rubber-like membrane over your roof to lock in color while locking out stains, moisture, and unwanted organic growth to preserve your roof's long-term health!

Why Rhino Shield


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Guaranteed to Last

When properly applied by a certified dealer, Rhino Shield will not chip, crack, or peel for up to 25 years, and is backed up by a 25-year warranty that we can issue to our residential customers. This warranty can be transferred to the property's next owner too, helping to increase your property value if you're planning on selling at some point in the future.

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Superior Bio-Growth Resistance against Mold, Mildew and Algae Growth

Rhino Shield's proprietary bio-resistant formula offers enhanced protection against mold, mildew, and algae growth, resisting damage and decay and helping simplify the amount of maintenance required to maintain your property's exterior.

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Saves Time & Money

Because Rhino Shield is designed to last for up to 25 years when properly applied, you don't have to cyclically touch up your exterior paint every several years. Rhino Shield can ultimately save you tons of time and money that would otherwise be spent on maintenance!

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Increases Home Value

With its high quality, long-lasting beauty, and enhanced durability and protection against the elements, Rhino Shield coatings can increase your home's value. The warranty that you get from us can be transferred to potential future owners as well, further increasing your property's value!

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Lowers Energy Costs

Rhino Shield coatings are insulating and solar reflective, locking out excess solar heat. This helps your home's HVAC system expend less energy to regulate its temperature, saving you money on energy bills!

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Beautifies Home or Building

Rhino Shield coatings come in over 1,500 different colors. With top coats that can add different finishes as well, including matte and satin, you can customize your Rhino Shield coatings to fit your exact tastes, and since these products are highly durable, you can trust that your property's beauty will last!

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Rhino Shield's ceramic coating is applied 8-10 times thicker than normal house paint. Its thickness and high-quality ceramic-containing formula provides maximal protection against weather, pollution, moisture, organic growth, decay, and other elements that can damage your home's exteriors. Combined with Rhino Shield primers and top coats and applied by certified professionals, Rhino Shield is the ultimate home coating system!

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Your home is constantly under attack from the elements. Moisture, UV damage, algae and mold growth, and weather damage are just a few of the elements that can promote decay, abrasion, and cosmetic or structural damage to your sidings over time.

Traditional house paint can provide some measure of protection, but because these paints are so thin, they wear away easily and require touching up every 5-10 years, or sometimes even more frequently. Rhino Shield, however, is:

  • Applied 8-10x thicker than traditional paint
  • Expands and contracts with natural wall movement
  • Is highly resistant to moisture and organic growth
  • UV reflective and insulating
  • Highly durable against corrosion, abrasion, and weather damage
  • Can bridge hairline surface level cracks

In terms of strength, durability, flexibility, and performance, Rhino Shield outperforms traditional house paint in practically every area. Rhino Shield coatings don't just look good, they bond with and protect the substrate underneath, thereby extending the lifespan of your sidings!

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Yes. Rhino Shield can fill in smaller hairline cracks, but for more significant damage, we offer stucco & wall repairs to fix it before the application of our Rhino Shield products. If there is enough rotting or failing wood that we cannot sufficiently patch or repair, we will provide you a quote for wood replacement as part of the estimate process so that we can guarantee that your property is in proper condition to ensure the success of our Rhino Shield coating system.

No - in fact, Rhino Shield is purposefully not traditional paint at all! Rhino Shield looks like traditional paint when applied and can be tinted to over 1,500 different colors. However, Rhino Shield is a special elastomeric ceramic-based formula that dries 8- 10 times thicker than regular paint and is more breathable, flexible, and durable than traditional paint.

When applied properly, Rhino Shield will not crack, peel, or chip for up to 25 years. Because it needs minimal maintenance or touch-ups, it helps save time and money on repairs, and because Rhino Shield products are low-VOC coatings, they're more environmentally friendly than traditional paint!

Most Rhino Shield products are formulated for exterior use only. However, we do have a separate interior ceramic wall system called Nature's Cote that brings all the benefits of Rhino Shield coatings (including insulation, noise dampening, durability, and low VOC content) into the home!

Rhino Shield primers are the first step in the process of applying a Rhino Shield coating system. As traditional primers do for regular house paint, Rhino Shield primers create an even, well-prepared surface for Rhino Shield ceramic coatings to adhere to, ensuring their longevity and eye-catching appearance. Some of our primers are specially designed to meet certain goals, such as rust inhibition or use on cement board and stucco surfaces.

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Menomonee Falls, WI: Rhino Shield Aluminum Siding Painting & Coating

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